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Somerset Learning Platform

Somerset Learning Platform

Somerset Learning Platform (SLP) simplifies the school ICT experience by providing an integrated solution with access to a number of existing and new tools, and applications through a single log-in.  It offers parents, carers, school staff and learners access to resources, online storage and tools for communication and management – not just during the school day, but beyond it too.


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SLP can offer something for all members of the school community:

  • Provides a single online point of access to information and tools that support teaching and learning.
  • Communicate with all stakeholders efficiently - enter information once and use many times. Provides a single calendar and notice board for all users through an integrated public website.
  • No more paper, envelopes and postage. SLP provides a secure, affordable and efficient way of publishing reports to pupils and parents. Enables schools to publish reports created in SIMS, securely online to parents. Saving on printing and postage costs.
  • Improved transparency of key information, through SLP’s  school development planning and self review tools. 

  • Stay informed through Information targeting – see only the relevant information based on role.
  • Gives staff greater flexibility with how and where they work - teachers can access their teaching resources, school communications and access/update SIMS information from outside school.
  • Work collaboratively – share teaching resources.
  • Allows staff to work Smarter without adding to their workload.
  • Close integration with the local desktop operating system and the software tools staff are already familiar with for example Office applications.
  • Work collaboratively – share teaching resources. .

  • Learners can access and share in learning whenever and wherever they want
  • Provides individual class/subject sites within your school where pupils and can access and share their learning.

  • Provides a secure area where school governors can read email, view notices, calendar events, share documents and participate in online discussions

  • Keeps parents up-to-date with school events and activities without the need to send letters home.

  • From specific SIMS information on their children to general information on the school, SLP can dramatically enhance and automate parental engagement.
  • SLP  is a powerful mechanism for helping to connect with families. Providing the parent or carer the opportunity to play a greater role in supporting their child’s learning

For further information regarding the Somerset Learning Platform - please email the the Helpdesk:

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